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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 29, 2016 3:37am-4:07am EDT

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>> the fbi have discovered new e-mails pertaining to the former secretary of state hillary clinton's investigation. >> reporter: after weeks down in the polls, today's fbi news came as a shot in the arm to trump's struggling campaign. >> this is bigger than watergate. >> reporter: trump, who has called the election rigged, the system corrupt and derided the fbi's investigation, suddenly changed his tune. >> it might not be as right? right? >> reporter: the trump team hoping to regain momentum, long saying anthony weiner would prove to be a problem for hillary clinton. >> anthony weiner, who's a sleaze ball and a pervert. >> reporter: the gop nominee is welcoming the distraction from a slew of headlines questioning his commitment in the final stretch. as the latest report showed he only contributed $30,000 to his campaign this month. trump's big cash
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afternoon. >> i'll probably have over maybe close to or over $100 million of my money spent on the campaign. >> reporter: so far, falling short. now trump is saying he gave his campaign $10 million more. nbc news has learned from campaign sources this latest donation is intended for battleground state tv ads. some much needed on-air messaging now with a renewed attack line. >> i don't know if it will change the race in his favor. it does, i think, maybe some of the movement towards hillary clinton. >> reporter: i just spoke to a source close to the campaign who tells me donald trump didn't mention the fbi news at his last event in maine because he's going to allow a negative headline about hillary clinton to dominate the news cycle for a change. we'll see if that strategy continues into tonight. lester? >> katy tur, thanks. let's bring in our political director, moderator of "meet the
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from the election. what are the potential political ramifications? >> well, you see it by watching the reaction in who jumped on this first. there wasn't a republican in washington, there wasn't a republican on the ballot, that didn't jump on this news in a hurry. and this week alone, i do think we may see this add to the clinton foundation, all of it, giving republican candidates down the ballot, a closing argument, saying, hey, if it is a president hillary clinton, don't you want us to keep an eye on as for the presidential, i really think, if it has an impact, we got to know more information. what is it? and i have to say, i think i will be surprised if director comey thinks he can just let this sort of meatball hang out there for 11 days without providing more details. this is something that i think's going to bother a lot of voters. you heard partisans on both sides being upset, but you're throwing this out there without details,
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can't let this wait until after the election. >> chuck todd, i know you'll have a lot on "meet the press" on sunday. thank you very much. now to the emergency on the runway in chicago, an american airlines jet aborted takeoff and caught fire at o'hare has passengers rushed to escape as smoke and fire engulfed one side of the plane. nbc ron mott is at o'hare with late details. >> reporter: panicked passengers rushing off a burning american airlines jet at o'hare today, single file, urging one another to go. >> go, go, go! >> we started to take off. we didn't get in the air, and the right -- seemed like the right side engine blew. >> reporter: video captured by one passenger recorded the frightening exit, some passengers tumbling down the exit. eventually standing in the grass off the runway watching the plane they just escaped go up in flames. >> oh, my god! >> chicago american
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>> second, 383, roger, trucks are on the way. >> reporter: the chaos began as american 383 rolled down the runway, the airline said, headed for miami, when the right wing caught fire and partially collapsed. >> and we heard a loud pop, and then flames. >> reporter: officials say all 161 passengers and nine crew members got off the plane safely as firefighters fought the flames on the other side of the character. seven passengers and one crew member suffered minor injuries and were taken to the hospital. >> we were 30 into the safety video about, do not grab your luggage in an emergency. probably seven or eight people that stopped and went overhead and grabbed their luggage, which made everybody start falling forward wp. >> reporter: a ground stop was ordered, bringing flight operations to a halt for some time at o'hare. though flights began taking off about an hour later. the ntsb is sending investigators to
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was an engine fire, the cause so far unknown. and developing news of yet another plane emergency, this time in ft. lauderdale, where a fedex dc-10 cargo jet caught fire after its landing gear collapsed. crews quickly covered the plane in foam putting out that fire. and investigators with the national transportation safety board are looking into another scary plane incident involving republican nominee mike pence in new 48 people were on board. no one was injured, but there are a lot of questions about exactly how it happened. here's nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: on the tarmac today, ntsb investigators were examining the mud-covered landing gear of the charter plane that carried governor mike pence. it was just before 8:00 p.m. on a rainy, windy night, when the flight came in for a landing. suddenly, trouble. >> he says stop, stop. >> reporter: the plane was too far down the runway. >> we have an emergency in the airport.
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tailing a little bit, then it slid sideways and when we saw the mud splash up on the windows up in the front of the aircraft. >> reporter: on board with pence, nbc news campaign embed vaughn hillyard. >> soon as the impact happened, you know, brace for impact, and we started to go and slide off. that's when we came to a complete halt. >> reporter: the plane stopped 300 feet from a highway, thanks to the crushable concrete arrester beds at the of have revealed nothing about the plane's performance. the question, did the pilot land too far down the runway, or did he skid? were the wind and rain factors? >> in determining the point of touchdown will be key to this investigation. it's no secret that many airplanes landed ahead of this airplane and did so successfully. meanwhile governor pence has changed planes, now using the san francisco giants team plane. tom costello, nbc news, new york pch.
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a injury sides with a woman that claims an iconic used by millions they cause cancer. also over 100 arrests as a tense stand-off boils over between police and
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we're back now with a massive $70 million verdict over a product millions have used for decades.
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johnson & johnson failed to warn the public about a possible link between its popular talcum baby powder, and cancer. now as our stephanie gosk explains, the company faces thousands more legal challenges. >> reporter: johnson's baby powder has been around since 1894. one of the country's most recognizable products. ? from the start of your life it's been a part of your life ?? >> reporter: for the fourth time, a jury has ruled that johnson inform the public about a possible link between ovarian cancer and its signature product. awarding a california woman diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer, $70 million in damages. >> it's been a long-fought battle. >> reporter: for decades she used the product for feminine hygiene. >> i hope that johnson & johnson will step up and take responsibility and post a warning on
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says, this is not as safe as you may think it is. >> reporter: johnson & johnson says, in part, we deeply sympathize with the women and families impacted by ovarian cancer. we will appeal today's verdict because we are guided by the science which supports the safety of johnson's baby powder. the american cancer society says scientific findings have been mixed, adding for any individual woman, if there is an increased risk, the overall increase very small. johnson & johnson is appealing three decisions. but it's succeeded in having two cases in new jersey thrown out by a judge who ruled there's no reliable scientific evidence to support the claims. still, the fight is not over. >> this was a goal for me to help bring awareness, and i think i accomplished that. i'm doing my little part, anyways. >> reporter: her case has helped generate many more.
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women like debra gene keeny have filed similar suits. stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york. we're back in a moment with the highly controversial case now
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a battle over transgender bathrooms is now going to the supreme court. the case involves a student challenging the policy of a school district in virginia. the district argues that it is not required to allow tran that match to their gender identities. in north dakota, more than 140 people have been arrested in a tense stand-off over a controversial oil pipeline project. a violent confrontation stretched into the morning hours as police clashed with protesters who were seeking to block construction near a native american reservation. nbc's miguel almaguer is there and has the latest. >> reporter: today construction along the
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pipeline kicked into high gear. crews losing little times working where native american protesters tried to block the massive project. >> this is not okay! >> reporter: after violent confrontations with police, 141 arrested. the stand-off shows no sign of ending anytime soon. police and protesters both standing their ground. the pipeline is nearly complete. it's designed to funnel more than half oil a day across four states. energy transfer partners says the pipeline alternative is safer than transporting oil with a truck. the standing rock sioux tribe says construction is destroying sacred land and threatens to pollute the missouri river. kami says water is her family's life line. she waits for her brother and husband to return from the protests everyday. >> that's the motto
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>> reporter: what began as a rally has now brought together more than 400 indigenous tribes for one cause. tonight there is fear more violent confrontations are looming. miguel almaguer, nbc news, cannonball, north dakota. when we come back, to the windy city we go, where fans at wrigley field have been waiting for this
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after two games in cleveland, the world series has moved to chicago cubs' territory. with the series tied up, cubs fans are hoping to win it all with a sweep at home over the indians. for chicago's iconic wrigley field, tonight has been seven decades in the making. here's kevin tibbles. >> reporter: in chicago, they're gonna party like it's 1945. >> we gonna win. >> you sure? >> yes, i'm very sure. >> reporter: that kid wasn't around 71 years ago when the last world series game was field, but 87-year-old phil killburne was there. >> if they win the world series, that will be both miraculous and wonderful. >> reporter: back then, a ticket was just six bucks. for tonight, in the thousands. sadly the cubs didn't win in '45. in fact, they haven't won in 108 years. it was here, seven miles from wrigley, at what they call the old west side ground that the cubs last won.
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neuro psychiatric institute. fans have been driven crazy ever since. back then the field often hosted buffalo bills wild west show. that was 12 presidents ago. as the nail-biting builds leading up to tonight's first pitch, out come the dogs. and the babies. sprinkled in, the odd cleveland fan, seeking a friend. >> kinda lonely. >> exactly. time to zip up my jacket just a little bit. >> reporter: the wrigley stage is set, ? cubs are gonna win today ?? >> reporter: kevin tibbles, nbc news, at wrigley field in chicago. and that's going to do it for us on a friday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and goodnight.
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